Turles s wife venus by giusyrevenge-d4h1ctm

Venus's first image

Venus is a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta,she was born from the union of King Vegeta and Tree of Might. She's Turles's wife and she has eight children with him.

Appareance and Personality.Edit

Venus seems to have about thirty years. She has dark blond hair and bright green eyes. She always wears a battle-suit and a revelator like all the Saiyans. When she wears casual clothes,she wears red.


When King Vegeta knew that there was a tree which fruits could give a great power,he wanted to unite his DNA with that of the tree. But when he saw that the tree gave him a daughter and not a son,he left her on the tree's planet.

Bardack saw her and decided to grow her with his nephew Turles that was an orphan.

When Planet Vegeta blew up she and Turles went left on a Planet. Here they grew up and got married.

They had a pair of twins and when she was pregnant of the second pair, Turles arrived on Planet Earth and got pregnant another woman named Kina.

After a year Venus was pregnant of another pair and Turles decided to transfer on the Planet when he found his cousin Kakarot.

When Turles went killed,Venus decided to bring him to life with the Dragon Balls of Planet Namek.

He returned to life in the place where Kina was with her child Kale. He got her pregnant and went to his house where he got Venus pregnant of another pair.

Nine months after the girls met and become friends.

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